on My Almost-Twin

Andrew of ONE/Northwest

For those of you reading this who don’t work for ONE/Northwest, I’d like to introduce you to Andrew, my new colleague and office-mate and one of the two people I work with most closely on Plone-based projects. Sorry, Jon B., but Andrew gets all the attention here because, as we quickly discovered, we are basically the same person.

Cases in point:

  • Andrew and I both grew up in Goshen, IN and attended the same middle school and high school.
  • We both got our undergrad degrees at Goshen College, where we each participated in the chamber choir and the environmental club.
  • We both were raised in the Mennonite Church, and attended Assembly Mennonite Church in Goshen for at least a brief period.
  • We both entered the Mennonite Voluntary Service just after graduating from college and took placements in Seattle at ONE/Northwest…
  • …and now we share an office and (largely) a job description.

Pretty crazy, huh? Of course there are distinguishing factors between us. (For instance, Andrew is married. I was disappointed to learn that his wife Sarah does not have a younger sister, which would have helped keep the trend on track.) But it was pretty freaky to learn that apparently we also both enjoy baking the same bread recipe (oatmeal bread from More With Less). Speaking of which, I just took two loaves of that out of the oven, and had better go see if it has cooled down.

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  1. This is a great recap of the coincidences. Since this is now the canonical resource on our twin status, I’ll add a couple that struck me when I first learned about you and talked with you. 1) You also love biking. 2) More significant however was the way you described your struggle in deciding whether or not to take a position with MVS in Seattle or to continue working as a web developer in Goshen. I was faced with that same decision and just hearing you talk about it made me feel like I was talking to myself 5 years earlier. If you decide to continue to follow my life plan, I can vouch for how incredibly happy and content I am as a near the age of 30 :^)

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